Land at Maes Meurig, Meliden, Prestatyn

Proposed development of 35 residential houses and cottage flats, comprising one bedroom apartments, two and three bedroom houses with associated highway works, access and landscaping.


The site is located to the north of Maes Meurig in Meliden, the location of the Application site can be viewed in more detail within the draft application drawings.

Kingscrown Land & Commercial intends to submit a planning application for residential development on the allocated housing site to the north of Maes Meurig in Meliden, Prestatyn.

The Application Site covers an area of approximately 2 acres and is located north of Maes Meurig in Meliden, Prestatyn. The Site is composed of scrub and overgrown brambles and was formerly used as a horse paddock. The site is surrounded by residential housing to the north, east and south, with open fields and scrub/ grassland to the west.

The layout, scale, design and massing has been developed in response to the surrounding context. A thorough assessment of the site and its benefits has allowed a design which will maximise the sites opportunities and characteristics. This is presented in the Design and Access Statement accompanying this application

The application is supported by a suite of reports and drawings which detail how the Proposed Development could be achieved on the Application Site in consideration of Denbighshire Council's relevant polices alongside national legislation, guidance and standards.

The application is driven by the desire to utilise and develop an allocated greenfield site within a predominantly residential area for housing and to help to diversify the housing stock.

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