Kingscrown Group


Kingscrown was established in 1997 and our team collectively has over 100 years’ experience in residential development, finance and commercial investments. We have developed a reputation as a reliable and highly regarded organisation, delivering high quality homes, investments and financial support.
  • Barrie Pollock

    Founder and Group CEO

  • Daniel Pollock

    Managing Director

  • Laurie Sharples

    Commercial Estates Assistant

  • Thomas Sharples

    Commercial Estates Director

  • Daniel Russell

    Development Manager

  • Natalie Pollock

    Director of Lavish Lettings Ltd

  • Laura Cordwell

    Property Manager

  • Marcelle Buckley

    Property Manager

  • Diane Topping

    Chartered Accountant

  • Eni Febriani

    Accounts Assistant

  • Paul Stone

    Construction Director

Kingscrown Group Timeline

Established in 1997 by Barrie Pollock, Kingscrown Group was born following Barrie’s buyout from Blemain Finance in 2005 by Barclays Private Equity, which provided the funding and facility to embark on growing a diverse business portfolio.

Over the past 25 years we have established ourselves as a reliable and consistent business with a strict focus on property and commercial enterprise in the following sectors:
  • Commercial investments
  • Planning & land procurement
  • Secured Loans
  • Residential developments
  • Airbnb - Short Term Holiday Letting 
  • Residential management


Kingscrown Group formed

Barrie Pollock, the Group Director and founder of Kingscrown, formed the business in 1997 with an initial focus on buying, refurbishing, and selling terrace houses.


Daniel Pollock joins Kingscrown Group

Kingscrown Group started buying and selling a large collection of residential units with a North West of England focus. Working with a collection of contractors finishing off schemes of houses and apartments, which were renovated, rented, divided into separate units & sold on.


Kingscrown Commercial growth and expansion

Kingscrown Commercial began to focus on commercial properties, specifically income producing assets, re-investing profit and funds from residential sales.


Kingscrown Finance established

Kingscrown Finance began trading and growing quickly using the in-house expertise, knowledge and understanding of the industry.


Kingscrown jumps into bed with Airbnb

Kingscrown Properties commenced providing short term accommodation via Airbnb.


Kingscrown Developments formed

Kingscrown Developments was formed and began the first project, Station Lane, Birkenshaw.


Lavish Lettings is launched

The launch of Lavish Lettings Ltd a holiday lettings business providing short term accommodation. Lavish Lettings Ltd currently has capacity of 180 people per night throughout 25 serviced properties in Liverpool, Manchester, Southport, Keighley, and Marbella.


Kingscrown Commercial continued growth and expansion

Kingscrown Commercial acquired Eggleston Court, Middlesbrough – a freehold half vacant office park consisting of 40,000 sq. ft which underwent a full refurb. Some of the tenants include Handelsbanken, Emerson Group, Wasley Chapman, Barker & Stonehouse all leading companies within the UK.

Various Residential blocks sold to Assisted living providers & Residential Housing Associations (69 units, combined sale price £4.6m)


Thomas Sharples joins Kingscrown Group

Thomas Sharples, Commercial Estates Director joins the business and assists with the continued growth of the portfolio, purchasing, refurbishing, renting and selling commercial property.


Kingscrown Finance reaches £15m in loans

Kingscrown Finance Loan book reaches £15m.


Kingscrown Land and Homes established

Kingscrown Land & Homes was established 2020 with a focus and vision upon investing in land and residential development opportunities. Daniel Russell, Development Manager, joins the business to lead the Land & Homes Division and secure planning for a mix of residential schemes, with a focus upon housing for both market and affordable providers.


Kingscrown Land & Homes expands

The Kingscrown Land & Homes Division acquires 10 sites and development opportunities throughout England and Wales, securing planning permission on two sites for a combined total of 94 units.


More investment in outstanding commercial assets

Acquisition of 43,000sq ft Industrial Space in Morley, Leeds let to J S Miller Distribution.

£1m Refurbishment Commences for 36,000 sq. ft Office Accommodation in Sunderland.

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