Developing for the future with energy storage

Kingscrown Renewables are the acquisition and development division of Kingscrown with a focus on securing, developing and owning land for renewable energy investments, including Solar and Battery Storage.

Renewable solutions

Underpinning our business is a commitment to deliver bespoke renewable energy solutions and to maximise a sites capacity for renewable energy development. This ensures that we are able to offer vendors and agents a land value well in excess of its market value.

Expert knowledge

We work closely with landowners, agents, developers, National Grid and the Local Authorities through the land acquisition, pre-development and planning application stages to ensure the development is designed and delivered within the quickest time frame and within the terms of the approved option agreement.

Have a potential site?

If you and/or your client has land within close proximity to an electrical substation then we would like to hear from you. Our site development team can review a sites indicative capacity and suitability for development within minutes, before determining whether an Application to National Grid to confirm grid capacity and development viability is worthwhile.

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