Quick, Simple, Secured Loans

A smart, sensible approach to lending, working with real people to make opportunities happen.


We have considerable experience and we have been lending since 1975.

We have an extensive range of financial products available for borrowers and projects.

Experienced and trusted

£75m in loans Completed since 2015.

Loan terms

Loans from 6 – 12 months as standard. Longer terms available on request.

Market knowledge

We are property people so we understand our customers requirements like they were our own.


We understand that all deals are different and we try to be flexible with our products to ensure we offer the best terms for every case.

Fast turnaround

We use a Bridging loan specialist solicitor who can turn deals around within 48 hours if your solicitor is efficient.

Immediate drawdown

Funds readily available for immediate drawdown.

Loan values

Loans From £25,000 up to £500,000 (larger loans will be considered).


A variety of loan products to suit all clients requirements. We do 1st charges, 2nd charges and will consider equitable charges.


Valuations are not always necessary, and each case looked at individually.

Repayment types

Interest Only / Interest and Capital / Monthly Payments / Interest can also be rolled up.



I have worked with Kingscrown since 2017 and their funding has helped me deliver 19 properties so far with a further 3 in the pipeline to be completed in 2022.

They have provided competitive funding and a great service.

Kevin & Scott

Directors, Property Portfolio

We are in our 6th year of working with Kingscrown. Their funding has helped us grow our portfolio and kept us acquiring great opportunities which we would otherwise have missed out on. Currently on the 8th loan!



Kingscrown provided me a rolled up loan to finish a new build house which went over budget, and I was then able to repay them and move onto the next project quickly.



We used Kingscrown to acquire development opportunities and plug the cash flow gaps while we wait on other sales to complete.

They are quick, simple and straight forward. I can speak to Dan anytime about a new deal and they are always looking to lend.



Quick simple loan to help me finish a building project while I waited on other sales which had been delayed due to covid.


View some of our latest projects.
Public Consultation

Land at Maes Meurig, Meliden, Prestatyn

Proposed development of 35 residential houses and cottage flats, comprising one bedroom apartments, two and three bedroom houses with associated highway works, access and landscaping.
Coming Soon

Warrington Road, Abram

Kingscrown Land & Commercial purchased the site in January 2023 and intend to submit a planning application for residential development on the brownfield site ion the border of Abram and Platt Bridge.
Coming Soon

Maes Meurig, Meliden

Kingscrown Land & Commercial purchased the site in December 2022 and intend to submit a planning application for residential development on the allocated site in Meliden.

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