< July 3, 2024

Kingscrown Acquires White Rose House for Major Refurbishment

Kingscrown has announced the acquisition of White Rose House, a significant detached office building located in a prominent out-of-town business park in Doncaster. Previously occupied by NHS Property Services, the building is set to undergo extensive modernization.

Allocated capital will fund a speculative refurbishment of White Rose House. Kingscrown has enlisted the expertise of Standing Space, a Warrington-based interior architect and design firm, to spearhead the creative and technical aspects of the refurbishment. This collaboration builds on the success of previous design and refurbishment projects undertaken by both companies.

Marketing efforts are being driven by national agent Lambert Smith Hampton and regional agent PPH Commercial. Matt Procter of Lambert Smith Hampton highlighted the unique opportunity White Rose House presents, stating, "The offices have proved popular in the first weeks of marketing, supporting the ‘flight to quality’ trend within the market, where occupiers seek high-quality offices with strong amenities to entice employees back to the office."

Post-refurbishment, White Rose House will offer Grade A specifications, featuring an inviting reception area and ample parking. The building's flexible design will cater to various occupier needs, with floor sizes ranging from 1,500 sq ft to 17,717 sq ft, ensuring a versatile workspace environment.

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