The Former Spectrum Garden Centre, Wrexham Road, Cefn Y Bedd LL12 9UP

Proposed development of 30 residential dwellings, comprising of housing and apartments, with associated highway works, access and landscaping.


Kingscrown Land & Commercial intends to submit a planning application for residential development on the site of the former Spectrum Garden Centre, Cefn Y Bedd.

The Application Site covers an area of approximately 2.25 acres and is located on Mold Road (A541) in Cefn Y Bedd, Wrexham. The Site is vacant and comprises a range of derelict buildings of cement block construction.

The application seeks full planning permission for the demolition of existing buildings on site and the development of 20 x one- bedroom cottage flats, 3 x two- bedroom houses and 7 x four-bedroom houses, with associated landscaping and vehicular access.

The layout, scale, design and massing has been developed in response to the surrounding context. A thorough assessment of the site and its benefits has allowed a design which will maximise the sites opportunities and characteristics. This is presented in the Design and Access Statement accompanying this application

The application is supported by a suite of reports and drawings which detail how the Proposed Development could be achieved on the Application Site in consideration of Flintshire County Council's relevant polices alongside national legislation, guidance and standards.

The Proposed Development will help to revitalise a vacant and unutilised site, which is derelict and in a state of disuse. The proposals will help bring forward a brownfield site for much needed housing.

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